google-site-verification: google62259bc516254a42.html SkinTech is born (and I am ooh so ready)...

SkinTech is born (and I am ooh so ready)...

SkinTech is born (and I am ooh so ready)...

OK, where should I start? I should probably explain why this business venture, like this moment, is such a big time in my life. I should probably explain who I am, too, but I'm going to get there in a bit.

Let me set the scene. It's summer 2018 and the product line that I'd been working on for 2 years is finally ready to launch.  But it isn't just any launch. I have formulated, trashed, formulated, trashed, tested, formulated some get the come up with the perfect product for busy moms (and dads!) and corporate types with not enough time on their hand for proper skin care.  A product that will take the place of the multi-product, time consuming (and very expensive) approach that a typical skin care regime consists of.

I am ready, I am more than ready.

After spending, what seemed like my entire 401K on development, I am definitely ready.  I have created a product that feels like a part of me, and one that I'm extremely proud of.

Before I close, I should probably mention who I am. My name is Lori Howard. I'm a mom of two, a grandmother of two, a hobby farm owner and a pharmacist. Though I'm probably most known for my love of miniature donkeys, I am most happy for being known as a person that wants your life simplified as much as I want my own simplified.

Of all the products I could have started with, SkinTech is the one that I will always be the most proud of.  It was risky. A highly advanced formula with forward technologies that has paid off with happy users.  One of the reasons that it has been so successful is that I didn't rush it. I spent 2 years in pre-production, working and tweaking to develop a formula that is just right.  It is now complete. It is now ready.  I feel it's the most technologically advanced skin care system available.

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    Skintech Men’s skin care - A High Quality Product

    I discovered and started using the Skintech Men’s skin care product a few months ago and I’ve been impressed by quality of the product. My skin feels well hydrated and moisturized. I strongly recommend to every men out there who care about their skin.

    It REALLY works!!

    Super easy skincare that takes less than one minute. My wrinkles have diminished, my dark spots faded. Excellent products!!

    Real results!!

    Hey Lori! I’m loving my skincare! I’ve already referred it to my friend and she loves it too!!! I could tell a difference after 1 week...seriously! I love it!!!!

    Luv this skin care!!

    Love the simple routine!! Two things to keep up with!! I feel like I'm feeding my skin good stuff!!

    I don't have to worry about anything. One and done

    I love the Skin Tech system. It is one less thing to fuss over. The quality is excellent, Lori gave personalized service and I've stopped wearing foundation ever day-- that is how good my skin looks. Thanks Lori and the Skin Tech team!