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Skincare: 5 Simple And Affordable Steps For Healthy Skin

Skincare: 5 Simple And Affordable Steps For Healthy Skin

"Let's face it: life is stressful. If we can eliminate some of the stress, so many things start to shift!"

The above is a quote from our free guide, Skincare: 5 Simple And Affordable Steps For Healthy Skin. If you haven't taken the opportunity to download it yet, please do.  Just click the link at the end.

Life IS stressful. Crazy stressful if we allow it. I allowed it...for over 30 years in a profession that was mentally draining. Why did I do it? Why do any of us do it?

As our brand develops, it is my sincere desire to offer some practical information on ways to simplify and de-stress various areas of your life. Simplify skin care...simplify your life. That is truly what we hope to portray in our content. Sure, we sell a skin care line but it is our desire to become more than that.

But today I want to talk skin care, specifically, ways to have the healthiest skin we can without investing money in products. Yes, I said that. Great skin starts with a good foundation and there is no 'facelift in a bottle' if the right foundation is not there to begin with. And yes, stress is something that should be addressed.

So, to summarize our guide here (in case I haven't talked you into downloading it 😉)...

1. You Are What You Eat (as Caiti pointed out last week)

Your body needs clean, digestible fuel, and toxins it can't absorb are often released through the skin.  Skin impurities are often linked to an undernourished and overtaxed liver, and a diet rich in whole foods will support your whole system--leading to clear, beautiful skin and a more vital, energetic you.  Forbes magazine recommends Omega-3 fatty acids (found in nuts and chia seeds) and vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins C, A, and E such as oranges, red bell peppers, swiss chard, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

2. Attitude Counts

Surprising though it may seem, researchers have noted a strong correlation between self-esteem, or what is often called “positive mental attitude,” and skin health. A study by Howard Murad, MD, revealed that four weeks of reading positive messages and doing reflective journaling led to a reduction in stress hormones, lower blood pressure, and more hydrated, less wrinkled skin. A reduction in stress hormone can preserve collagen in the face, leading to a more toned, beautiful complexion. One recommendation to cultivate a better mental attitude, no matter how busy and stressful your life is, is to journal daily about gratitude. When counting your blessings, every little thing matters.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep is linked to an inflammatory response which effects all twelve of the body’s major systems.  These include the reproductive, urinary, digestive, respiratory, immune, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous, muscular, skeletal, and integumentary systems--or skin, hair and nails.  Your skin is your biggest organ, and it needs its nightly recharge in order to feel, look, and function at its best.  If you’re struggling with sleep deprivation, try getting to bed earlier, eliminating screen time up to several hours before bedtime, avoiding night time snacks, and avoiding sugar, caffeine, and chocolate after noon.

4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

Drinking plenty of pure water and taking it easy on diuretics like coffee and alcohol allow our skin to stay soft, supple, and healthy. Healthy skin is a barrier to microorganisms, ultraviolet radiation, and airborne toxins. One ingredient in skin, hyaluronic acid, has the very important job of holding water! This keeps skin firm and flexible, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and helping it do its job as our body’s #1 protector.

5. Get Science On Your Side

The market is full of products that promise beautiful skin, many are actually not necessary and some contain ingredients that are actually harmful with continued use. Makeup, greasy skin care products, harsh makeup removers, etc. add up to a daily assault on your skin’s natural oils and reduce your natural ability to heal, rest, and refresh. What your skin is thirstiest for is useable, non-greasy moisture, skin-feeding vitamins, and anti-oxidants to help reduce the ravages of free radicals--reactive molecules that cause damage to living tissue.

Skintech offers a men’s and women’s protective product that moisturizes and tones with a single morning and a single evening, one-and-done formula. It contains the moisturizers, vitamins, and anti-oxidants your skin needs to thrive. The combination reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin, plus protects, preserves and moisturizes skin for a youthful easy glow.

Download the FREE Guide here.


P.S. What are the stresses that you struggle with the most? Leave a comment below...

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