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She Has Arrived...Watch What Happens Next!

She Has Arrived...Watch What Happens Next!

Helloooooooo readers!

My name is Caiti, and I am so excited to be on board with SkinTech and have the opportunity to do a little writing here!

As Lori mentioned, I am a young whippersnapper. I am a teacher of five years, and a pharmacy technician of eight. Goofball and prankster by day, reader and reflective by night. I absolutely love what I do and am so blessed. In turn I hope that I can be a blessing to you guys and provide some laughs, food for thought, and good ol’ down to earth advice that will give you a fresh perspective and empower you to take back the peace in your life.

My hope is that through this journey we become family. After all, SkinTech is not just about great, simplified skincare. It is about finding simplicity, community and enjoyment for our everyday lives in a fast paced world.

Have you ever felt as though you were


I know I have. Haven’t we all had those fleeting moments...or perhaps lingering days, weeks, or months...when we feel as though there is almost a palpable weight on our shoulders? Take heart, my friend. Let’s start taking back our lives. Let’s start finding the joy, the little hidden nuggets of beautiful moments, in our every day experiences. Who knows what topics, what challenges, what victories lay ahead for us? But we will do it together. Stay is going to be a great ride!

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