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Decluttering Your Life...Why Less Is More

Decluttering Your Life...Why Less Is More

I recently became what I’d like to call an official “big kid” (almost): I made an offer on a house. And to my surprise, excitement, and anxiety, it was accepted!

Anyone who knows me knows that I sometimes like to jump the gun and over-prepare for big changes. So naturally, even though my closing date isn’t until late October, I decided that I would start packing up some of my stuff that I “don’t really use.”

I pride myself on being the queen of clean, frugality, and minimalism.

Anyone who knows me and is reading this is probably rolling their eyes, thinking, “Yes, she’s really like that. So annoying.”  But hey, I like things a certain way, okay?!

I sat down to write this blog and could not get my mind straight enough to really get started. Why? Because I had so much to do, of course!

Then I realized……I have So. Much. Junk.

The queen has been dethroned. 

I intended to just pack the stuff I “didn’t really use” and guess what? Five 30-gallon totes later, and I still have not packed up all of the things that I do not use on a regular basis.

I guess maybe I am not so minimalistic after all…I have just gotten good at putting those things out of sight.

In my closet, I have two or three pairs of shoes (all similar) that I’ve only had a few months and are already getting worn out. I could have put all that money toward one quality pair of shoes that would have lasted longer.

And my bathroom cabinet? Don’t get me started. Three types of shampoo, five or six different foundations, five or six powders, a bunch of nail polish I don’t use, four face cleansers, and three moisturizers. All purchased, of course, prior to SkinTech!

I think we all know this rule but fail to practice it: Quality over quantity.

My new goal for the next few months is to look for ways to buy quality items instead of settling for buying junk when I’m in a hurry.

Realizing I have so much stuff that doesn’t serve that much purpose has started stressing me out. Just seeing the volume of things that I hardly use has distracted me and overwhelmed me….because I have to MOVE all that stuff! That got me to thinking….

Do we really NEED all of the stuff we have?

I think the answer for most of us is a resounding “No.” All this junk that we have is just a source of stress.

So let’s declutter, have a yard sale or two, and simplify our lives.

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