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Cold And Flu Season...How To Keep Kids Germ Free

Cold And Flu Season...How To Keep Kids Germ Free

Friends, we are now entering the fall season. A time for holidays, celebrations, family, friends, pumpkins, turkeys, trees…….and germs.

Yes, this is your public service announcement from your favorite sixth grade language teacher.

Some things go without saying…wash your hands.

Wipe down your shopping cart at the grocery store. 

But during this season, we need to be a little extra diligent in keeping our things, and ourselves, clean.

I could tell you some horror stories about things I’ve seen as a teacher. Kids are some of the most creative, awesome, and germy little humans you’ll ever meet. 

I’m going to just throw out a little food for thought for those of you that have kiddos in order to help protect them from sickness this season.


  1. LUNCH BOXES. I literally just realized this one this morning. Lunch boxes are so gross, and we just turn around and put fresh food in them day after day without cleaning them! Do you know where those suckers have been? Everywhere. On the floor, on the cafeteria tables, on the ground at recess, shoved in a backpack.  Come on, y’all. Wipe those things down!

  2. JACKETS. Kids cough. Then they put their hands on their friends. It happens, I promise. Wash those jackets.

  3. WRITING UTENSILS. It serves to wipe those things down. Kids cough and pick up their pencil, or maybe they’ve just sanitized their hands but have to lay their pencil on a desk that’s less than clean. Kids also (bless their sweet hearts) are good at sharing their writing utensils….which is great, but also spreads a lot of germs.

And finally, a couple of bonus tips for our adults:

  1. PHONES. Phones are disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. We lay them down everywhere. They get all of the nastiness that comes off of our hands from wherever we have been. I don’t think I can impress upon you enough that you need to clean up your phone on a regular basis.

  2. PURSES/WALLETS. These are also items that we tend to just throw around all willy-nilly. Clean them up! Whatever germs you are picking up in out there in the world, you are carrying back into your home and transferring to your food the moment you sit that purse down on the kitchen counter.

I’m not asking you to be a germophobe, I promise. Germs are everywhere no matter and I’m not advocating for a rise in sales of Hazmat suits. However, by just paying a little more attention, we can help protect ourselves and our loved ones from getting sick this fall and winter season.

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