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Cherish The Little Things...Lessons From A Dog

Enjoy the Little Things

Lessons From a Dog

I am the proud, and often exasperated, owner of a seven week old German/Australian Shepherd.

Let me just stop right here and say that those of you who are mothers deserve a gold medal and a million dollar salary.

 It’s a challenge enough to raise this little puppy....I can only imagine what all you ladies do with real kiddos! My kudos to you. I have already told my parents that this dog may be the only grandchild they ever get. Ha! 

 As Millie grows I’ve become fascinated by her silly little personality. As I type I’m seeing her gallop through my living room carrying one of my flip flops, and oh yes, she’s as proud and happy as she can be. For her, chewing on that flip flop (even though she’s about to find out that we don’t chew on shoes!) has her tickled pink and excited like a kid on Christmas morning. To live the life of a dog, right? 

 We’ve all heard the saying, “It’s the little things in life.” I’m here to tell you that as each year of my life goes by, the more I see that the little things....those nuggets of little, beautiful moments that we’ve talked about before, are truly what make this life one worth living. 

It doesn’t take much to make Millie happy. Put her food bowl in front of her and she scarfs down and appreciates that food as if it were the last meal she is ever going to have (I PROMISE I feed this dog all the time-she is eating me out of house and home!). Snuggle with her on the couch, and she is content and at peace just to spend time with you. Throw her a toy, and she goes into hardcore playtime, running and crashing into things like the silly little puppy she is and enjoying every second of it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our lives were as simple as a dog’s life?! 

 Wait a minute.

There are a few important things that Millie has to have. Shelter, of course. Food. Love.

Aren’t those some of our same basic needs?

So why is it that we don’t get excited and feel abundantly blessed for that meal placed on the table? Why are we too stressed, too busy, to enjoy that time relaxing on the couch with a spouse or kids?

 Can we not take a moment to let our hair down, find that inner child (we all have it!) and let ourselves have some fun? 

 Is it possible that we’ve forgotten how to freeze the frame, forget the “junk”, and appreciate the “little things” for a while? 

 While we all have significantly more responsibilities than this little pup of mine, we do have the time to sit back and appreciate these blessings that life affords us.

 It all involves a change in our mindset.

 So I challenge you this week to purposely take a breather, take a good look at the many things, and most importantly, people....that truly bless your soul. We all have them, but we just get too caught up in this old world and sometimes take the beauty in it for granted.

 So today, go enjoy that dinner with your family and let your heart fill with gratitude for the food you have and the people you have to share it with. Hug your kids a little longer and read that extra storybook they’ve been dying to hear. Take the time to call up that old friend and have some laughs and downright silliness. Wake up and watch that beautiful, incredible sunrise with your spouse.

 Once we start training our minds to focus on the blessings before us, the chaos begins to fade....leaving you with a happier, simplified life. 

 “Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” -Omar Khayyam


Until next time, 

P.S. When you get a second, listen to this wonderful song by Point of Grace. It's a great reminder.   How You Live - Point Of Grace


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